Too Many Books, Too Little Time

Reader, it has been too long. I realise that this is, of course, my fault. I was guilty of that classic flaw of having eyes too big for my belly and foolishly set a ridiculously ambitious timescale for my 100 book challenge. For a while it was plain sailing, but I neglected to factor in the vital consideration that full-time workers – alas! – have a lot less time on their hands than students. Who would have thunk?

Reading on the commute is all very well and worked rather nicely for a while, but as the weeks have worn on I’ve had more and more demands on my time and less precious minutes for reading. I know, excuses excuses. I can happily say, however, that so far in my challenge every single page has been worth it. I’ve enjoyed each and every one of the books I’ve read so far and can only wish that I had Bernard’s Watch to give myself more hours in the day to turn the pages. Sadly for me, Bernard isn’t giving it up any time soon.

But fear not, dear reader; I will continue to work my way through the list. It might not get finished in 100 weeks – heck, it might not even get finished in 2oo weeks! – but it will get finished. I like to think of this not as a defeat, but as a strategic withdrawal. I also clearly have a neglected calling as a politician/spin doctor/army general.

Keep an eye out soon for blogs on Beloved, The Age of Innocence and Cranford, all of which I have read (and, incidentally, loved to bits) but not had the time to write about. And until then, in the intonation of Tess and Brucie at the end of Strictly Come Dancing, keep reading!


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